Print Management Service delivers 200,000 branded Water Bottles

Print Management Service delivers 200,000 branded Water Bottles

M2 MDS provides a competitive Print Management Service to United Utilities, a FTSE 100 Company with over twenty five thousand employees and over seven million customers.

In the past M2 MDS had provided over forty thousand water bottles printed with the United Utilities branding for marketing purposes. The success of these products inspired the idea of giving away over two hundred thousand water bottles to schools, supermarkets, universities and the general public as part of a marketing campaign to instill confidence in their service.

The time scale was tight as United Utilities wanted to hand out the bottles within two weeks.

The M2 MDS team set to work and contacted their trusted water bottle supplier.  The strong relationship with M2 MDS meant they agreed to produce the bottles in time by working twenty-four hours, seven days a week.  As this product was going out to the general public, M2 MDS also attained BPA safety certification for the plastic and all ISO certification for the testing and safety of the product.

Anne Hobson (Head of customer communications, Corporate Affairs, United Utilities) commented  “The comms team greatly value the work of the M2 MDS team; their dedication to just getting stuff done for us, where nothing at all is too much trouble and they make our lives easy, is fabulous.”

The distribution of the bottles involved four HGV lorry’s with twenty pallets per truck.  These where distributed across the Lancashire area where they were handed out by four thousand volunteers from within United Utilities.

This isn’t the first time that M2 MDS’ service has extended far beyond print management.  In the last five years they have designed, sourced and distributed an extensive variety of promotional give-aways for United Utilities.  These have included twenty thousand shower timers, teeth brushing timers, air fresheners, thermal mugs, torches, tool bags, tool kits, safety glasses, ice scrapers, tire pressure gauges and branded pantone-coloured popcorn for sponsored film nights.

Vivienne Gold (Employee Communications Business Partner, United Utilities) added “Here at United Utilities we have an outstanding on-site printing service with M2 MDS. They provide a personalised service with a ‘can-do’ approach. Nothing is too much trouble, anything is possible.”