Star of the Year – The People at the Heart of our Service

Star of the Year – The People at the Heart of our Service

M2 MDS have been providing a high end reprographic service to Maris Interiors, a London based design and fit our company, since 2014. This service is built upon the provision of software and technology, but most importantly people. M2 MDS recognise the contribution that our employees make to our success and we work hard to maintain a skilled and dedicated workforce. Our service to Maris Interiors is a prime example of why our people are at the heart of our business.

Due to the competitive environment in which this client operates, Maris Interiors need an on-site print service capable of producing higher quality bid documents that help them to stand out from their peers. The bid expertise and printing knowledge of M2 MDS were combined to make a truly distinctive print room. This new approach focused upon efficiently creating superior quality bids, including wire bound documents, perfect-bound books and bespoke folders.

Each month Maris present a ‘Star of the Month’ award. All members of staff are asked to vote for somebody that has gone the extra mile or deserves recognition for hard work. It is then short listed and the winner is announced at the staff meeting where they are given a prize. This year, Maris also decided they wanted to have a ‘Star of the Year’ award as a special recognition for one team member, we are delighted, that this award went to M2 MDS’ Print Room Manager, Gerard Healy.

Gerard has been a part of the M2 MDS team at Maris Interiors for almost three years and has consistently shown his dedication to both M2 MDS and the client. He is an incredibly talented member of the M2 MDS team and he often works directly with designers from Maris Interiors to formulate print solutions that bring an extra level of quality to the work. Despite having won ‘Star of the Month’ before, Gerard, was shocked to receive such an honour from Maris.

‘I was completely surprised when he said my name. I think it speaks volumes of how Maris have integrated with M2 MDS, I really appreciate the gesture and how inclusive the company and every single person here makes me feel.’

Gerard Healy (Print Room Manager, M2 MDS)

M2 MDS would like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to Gerard. Whilst all M2 MDS staff are trained to meet the needs of the customer and to embrace the culture and principles the client’s business, this is an exceptional achievement and should be recognised as such.

 ‘I would like to extend my personal thanks to Gerard, his dedication to the client’s needs and the innovation he displays in his work is extremely commendable. Without team members like him, M2 MDS would not be what it is today. ’

– Simon Kelly (Managing Director, M2 MDS)