Digital Workflow Solution for Law Firm – Case Study

Digital workflow solution for law firm- Case Study Hobs On-Site


A leading London based law firm, with offices in Bristol, Hong Kong and Singapore, undertook a project to outsource their self-operated Print Room and incorporate a digital workflow solution. The purpose of this project incorporated a number of different objectives:

  • To move away from traditional print-based document processing, towards the introduction of a digital workflow solution and e-Discovery technology. This would reduce the reliance on paper and promote smarter digital working methods, a revolutionary step for the legal sector.
  • To remove the management burden involved in the client self-delivering the Print Room directly
  • To remove the imminent capital expenditure requirement needed to replace aged Print Room equipment
  • To support the reduction of space utilized for the Print Room operation
  • To migrate towards a more flexible operating model, able to cope in times of peak workflow and additional capacity

Digital Workflow Solution

The leading London law firm were keen to engage with M2 MDS to support their strategic objective of adopting digital workflow technologies to the firm’s document processes. They were particularly keen to reduce office space and consequently move towards a paperless office that fully incorporated digital workflow. The law firm also wanted the advice and expertise of an experienced Facilities Management Company and M2 MDS were the obvious company of choice.

M2 MDS introduced a phased restructure at the firm, which worked towards removing the need for printing requirements within offices. This restructure involved the TUPE transfer of staff to M2 MDS, the introduction of a litigation supply manager, and the development of an on-site/off-site operational model whereby only essential work with a quick turnaround remained on-site. New equipment was also invested in to improve workflows on-site. The solution infrastructure comprised of two key elements: litigation support services and digital workflow. This staged transition allowed the legal firm to support cultural challenges across its workforce.

Digital Workflow Services

The Legal Documents Manager has helped the firm to push forward with its plans to digitize documents. As nearly all information is either created or communicated electronically, having a focal point to ensure that best practices are adhered to and efficiencies are maximized, is essential. This allows the firms to best administer its current requirements and plan its future ones, utilizing new technologies, processes & procedures.

Litigation Support Service

M2 MDS appointed a Legal Document Manager to support the legal staff and oversee all reprographics and electronic Document Management. This role acts as a triage position to determine the best format for each document, determining whether documents are more suited to traditional or digital production. The Legal Document Manager is multi-disciplined, and is able to give advice on a broad range of services regarding disclosure requirements and options, both practical and strategic. This approach to digital working is a first in the legal marketplace and demonstrates M2 MDS’ commitment to innovate and provide original solutions to common issues affecting the legal community.


The benefits that the company has received through working with M2 MDS have been numerous and include:

  • The introduction of a trained and experienced Litigation Support Manager, to support the firm’s migration to a more digital workflow. This therefore reduces reliance on paper workflows and makes the print services more environmentally friendly. M2 MDS are helping the law firm revolutionise the working processes of law firms.
  • The removal of any capital expenditure requirements
  • The removal of the management burden of running the Print Room, which allowed the company to refocus on their core business activities
  • The return of office space to the client, through the reduction of the satellite Print Room area requirement
  • A flexible on-site/off-site operating model, assisting with peak workflows
  • Greater visibility of electronic/paper document methodology for litigation management which resulted in an increased usage of intelligent document control solutions e.g. document databases
  • Reduced costs regarding staffing/floor space as a result of increased outsourcing of work and closer cooperation between print room staff and M2 MDS branches
  • Improved administration e.g. better management of costs and trends derived from well-reported print room volumes
  • Ability to call upon M2 MDS’ experience with regards to the specialties of the company e.g. technology and marketing
  • Education of fee-earners in best practices for electronic/hard copy documentation


Client Testimonial

‘From a successful operational transfer at the start of the contract, M2 MDS have consistently delivered an excellent service to the law firm.  They have also been proactive in assisting us with the delivery of our strategic document management objectives, providing innovation to support the development of the service.’ Mayur Patel, Director of Facilities, Leading London Based Law Firm.