Outsourced Printing and Document Design for leading Design firm

Outsourced Printing and Document Design

As part of their Outsourced Printing and document design services, M2 MDS provide a London based design company with a bespoke printing solu­tion to create printed content that is tailored to their design presentations, including an in-house M2 MDS specialist who works directly with their designers to formulate solutions to bring an extra level of quality to the work.


The client produce multitudes of bid documents per month for office interior fit out contracts, undertaking a variety of projects of varying size and value. The sector in which the firm operates is highly competitive so requires high quality bid documents capable of outperforming their competitors.

The business had begun presenting larger scale information digitally using tools such as Prezi and a mobile large screen to innovate and replace traditional methods such as board mounting. The high quality of these digital presentations highlighted the lower quality of the in house print production. High quality book and booklet making capabilities existed both on-site and externally, however, challenges existed that prohibited the design team from taking full advantage of these presentation tools.

The challenges related to the firms reprographics system included:

  • Production- Investments had been made in good finishing equipment, the right tools exist, but the reprographics knowledge and skills base were limited. The quality of in-house print was poor and out sourcing production costs were extremely high.
  • People- too much staff time was wasted on reprographics services. It was estimated that this waste of staff time could be costing the business £36,000 annually. IT and finance were also unnecessarily burdened with extensive supply chain management, invoicing and equipment support.
  • Equipment- On-site MFDs/output devices lacked the quality to match digital presentations and did not meet desired standards. The equipment was office technology designed for mainly text documents, not high-end colour reproduction. Significant print volumes were being produced on devices that were designed for casual office use only and so multiple printer issues were occurring.
  • Management-Supplier performance management was challenging and print production for office users was uncontrolled, waste was generated by users sending jobs and not collecting them from the printers.
  • Space optimisation- The existing equipment occupied extensive office space that could have been better utilised.

Solution – Outsourced Printing and Document Design

The bid expertise, outsourced printing and document design knowledge of M2 MDS were combined to make a truly distinctive print room. This new approach focused upon efficiently creating superior quality bids, including wire bound documents, perfect-bound books and bespoke folders.

The outsourced printing and document design facilities at the design firm were improved by:

  • Introducing new skilled personnel to operate the printing facilities within the print room. These employees were trained to meet the needs of the customer and to embrace the culture and principles of the firm.
  • The implementation of A3/A4 colour digital press technology with online booklet making. This was done to increase page quality for high end documents and presentation content.
  • The introduction of a PUR bookbinder, along with the requisite compressed air supply in order to advance the standard of documents produced by the design company, as well as improve access to better print products. This would enable the firm to consistently improve the standards of its customer facing documents in order to win more business.
  • The installation of multifunctional printing devices, coupled with PaperCut MF intelligent print management software and enterprise colour management. Integrating the MFD fleet with the print room was achieved using “rules” within the intelligent print management software, these rules could redirect higher volumes to the print room.

The benefits of the outsourced printing and document design service are:

    • The introduction of Paper Cut MF software would include secure release “follow me” printing. With this the user would approach any MFD or output device and authenticate with their proximity access card before a print job is released. The user would send their print from the driver and be able to walk up to any device in the office to release it. This also eliminates unnecessary print production, users only get their output once they authenticate at the machine
    • Other tools that M2 MDS implemented included an off-line production guillotine and creaser to enable full-edge bleed and leaflet/invite production in house
    • The reduction of print room spaces to just one on the main office floor and the basement area.


The leading design firm have experienced multiple benefits through being a client of M2 MDS which includes:

  • Outsourced Printing has removed the need to spend £145k capital expenditure on professional equipment
  • An on-site print management channel for access to a wide range of high end reprographics products, finishes and presentation services
  • The introduction of new technology was hugely beneficial to the client it increased uptime and availability of devices for all users. It also improved colour management and consistency across devices.
  • The recovery of valuable office space for core business functions and revenue generation. Improved access to a professional higher quality print product on-site to improve company image and match the quality of the digital presentations and Prezi content
  • Improved productivity with faster print deliverables to expedite deadlines and work smarter
  • Complete removal of the burden of reprographics production, equipment management, print management and administration from the design firms employees saving income generating time estimated at £35,000 annually
  • Improve ISO14001 credentials and reduce waste
  • A crucial benefit of working with M2 MDS is the business continuity of absence cover. We ensure cover for absence, holidays and sickness so that it’s business as usual.
  • M2 MDS would significantly reduce invoicing, print related issues for IT, and supply chain management for the client. This would produce downstream efficiencies in IT and finance by simplifying the supply chain management and providing on-site experts to manage print/IT related challenges.

Client Testimonial

“M2 MDS provide us with a bespoke printing solu­tion allowing us to create printed content that is tailored to our design presentations. Our in-house M2 MDS specialist works directly with our designers to formulate solutions that bring an extra level of quality to our work” Colin Owen- Creative Director.