Print and Document Control partner – Case Study

Print and Document Control partner - Case Study


The new Wembley Stadium was hailed as “the most spectacular football stadium in the world, built to the highest specifications, using the latest technology”.  The construction team, Multiplex, sought a print and document control partner to echo this fact, a partner able to provide the latest technology on site, not only to support the construction team, but for all the many different professional organisations employed on the project.

Furthermore that print partner had to manage the daily flow of documentation between all parties involved, from the most complex of technical drawings, to the daily post and fax messages. Finally, all these facets had to be wholly integrated to ensure that information would fl ow seamlessly between the project members.

Solution- Print and Document Control Partner

M2 MDS was chosen as the print and document control partner.  M2 MDS provided a fully staffed and equipped document control facility, managing the project collaboration software on behalf of the construction team, and controlling the distribution of information throughout the project.

This is supported by a fully staffed and equipped print facility on site, with a central hub and several smaller “on-demand” sites throughout the project area. The net result is an integrated document control and print operation, that allows any of the various disciplines within the project team, whether they be based in Australia or the UK, to access the up to date information, and to have it delivered on site in either electronic or hard-copy form.

All this, naturally, is fully auditable, right down to not only which organisation has the information, but to whom it was delivered, and when.

We are using bar code technology to link documentation produced and distributed on the site back to the individual client’s document management software in use at their head office.


  • Integrated team controlling documentation from generation through to distribution
  • All the latest technology available on site
  • No capital equipment to dispose of at contract end
  • No staff recruitment or retention issues
  • No need for the contractor to spend time allocating costs to the various professionals using the facility – all handled electronically by M2 MDS.
  • All parties able to order remotely from their offices and have information delivered directly to point of need – on site!