Digital Mail Tray

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M2 MDS have developed a new technology that is able to greatly improve the efficiency of your mail services and save staff time. A traditional mail round will require every mail point to be checked, a digital mail tray allows only trays in use to be visited. Checking empty mail points can be a considerable drain on resource with time wasted checking empty collections points, often multiple times per day. Our Digital Mail Tray technology has been designed to improve the accuracy of mail collection, by tracking when and where mail has been placed for collection.

What does it do?

  • An interactive sensor is held within the tray that when covered sends a signal to the main database showing the status change and the associated date and time to the second.
  • Provides staff with the ability to proactively monitor collection points around a given estate without the need to physically visit each location.
  • This digital service is also able to notify recipients that mail or other products are available in their designated point ready for collection.
  • If the document is removed from the tray then the status returns to empty within around 5 seconds of the action removing the possibilities of false positives being reported.

Benefits of the M2 MDS Digital Mail Tray

  • No end user change or communication – easy roll-out with no IT requirement
  • Fully auditable collection routine
  • No change to the office environment
  • A more responsive service
  • Reduces number of required mail rounds, a more time and therefore cost efficient service
  • Staff savings

Get in touch to find our more about this technology and how we can help you improve your mail service. Interested in what other improvements we could offer your mail service? Take a look at our Managed Post Rooms services and our Smart Locker technology.