Managed Post Rooms

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M2 MDS has the experience and expertise to establish a Managed Post Room with in your business that is developed specifically for your requirements. We are experienced in the management and distribution of incoming post, both in hard-copy and electronic formats, coupled with the collection and distribution of out-going post.  Whether we are taking on existing operations, or creating a new service, we work to create the most efficient processes based upon your post room requirements in order to deliver mail earlier, whilst keeping resource levels to a minimum.

Implementation of Managed Post Rooms

M2 MDS will work with you to map processes against the existing incoming and outgoing mail volumes to provide a Managed Post Room developed specifically for your business needs. This will then inform the solution, in terms of the staffing and equipment required.

M2 MDS are able to implement a Managed Post Room with a full scope of distribution services, which include:

The management of in-bound and out-bound domestic and international mail

  • The management of special delivery and courier items
  • Logistics
  • Courier Management
  • Archive services
  • Porterage services
  • Loading Bay management

Our expertise also allows us to encourage smarter digital working methods within your environment with the introduction of digital mail solutions. This means that subsequent to the sorting of inbound mail it can then be scanned and indexed to be distributed electronically. As part of the digital mail solution outgoing post will either be collected physically from your different departments, or it will be directed electronically for print and fulfilment within the on-site operation according to your post room requirements. This synergy between managed print and mail facilities allows M2 MDS to offer a combined service delivery that can improve productivity through the use of multi-skilling staff. M2 MDS have the expertise to manage both of these services dependent upon your post room requirements.

Managed Post Room Benefits:

  • Improved¬†resource management¬†through best practices, allowing you to reallocate time and funds elsewhere
  • Users receive post two to three hours earlier in the day, aiding the speed in which correspondence can be responded to, and ensuring that an increase level of work can be completed during working hours
  • Client staff spend less time printing and fulfilling their own mail, giving back time to focus on core duties
  • Provision of fully trained and vetted staff able to carry out the service efficiently and expertly
  • Flexible operating model built to maintain service levels throughout varying work volumes
  • Provision of a single point of contact for all distribution requirements
  • SLAs benchmarked and aligned to industry
  • Availability of Track and Trace technology to improve audit trails
  • Improved courier management and procurement
  • Reduced equipment risk and liability
  • Structured and monitored approach to document distribution, storage, retention and destruction

Digital Post Rooms Benefits:

  • Digitise documents at the point of entry
  • Daily access to mail for remote workers
  • Distribute to multiple recipients at one time
  • Self-service and immediate access to archive documents
  • Lower archive and storage costs, this has allowed clients to increase their head-count by freeing up more desk-space.
  • Reduced volume of paper based documentation

Off-Site Post Room Benefits:

  • Release prime real estate
  • Reduce security risk from front office locations
  • Active Disaster Recovery (DR) site and services


For more information on our Managed Post Room services, please contact us.