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PiTCH is a handheld portable standalone Wi-Fi Captive portal providing a secure method to view and control PowerPoint or dynamic web presentations. It has been developed by M2 MDS to help improve the reliability and impact of your presentations.

What does it do?

  • Digital pitch-book presentation technology, removing the need for paper documents
  • Pitch document made available via a secure local WiFi network, without the requirement for internet access
  • Controlled by master device, ensuring document presented at the pace of presenter (no client forward skipping)
  • Controlled from and broadcast to any laptop or mobile device

Benefits of PiTCH

  • Enables last minute document changes, without the need for reprints
  • Enables in-meeting amends – Commercial remodeling
  • Allows customer to project a more forward thinking approach to business – digital format, opposed to paper
  • Participants can enjoy the presentation on any device whilst the presenter retains control of the timing and pace
  • Immersive presentations with videos and sound or straight forward PPT Slides
  • Improves environmental credentials – reduced reliance on paper
  • Pocket sized

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