Smart Lockers

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M2 MDS have developed our Smart Locker technology to improve the efficiency of the inbound and outbound mail service and support agile working initiatives. Rather than delivering parcels to individuals, which relies on the recipient being present, parcels are delivered to a company Smart Locker at the recipient’s place of work.

What is the M2 MDS Smart Locker?

  • Extension of Amazon Locker concept that supports any delivery company, accommodating both business and all-carrier personal items
  • For inbound items: Post Room team place inbound items in Smart Locker, with end-user notified by email, using provided QR code or RFID card to open locker
  • For outbound items: End-user completes form, and places out-bound/returned personal items into the Smart Locker, for collection and processing by Post Room
  • Provide track and trace functionality
  • Bespoke design

Key Benefits of M2 MDS’ Smart Lockers:

  • Provides full audit trail for inbound and outbound items
  • Mitigates the need for multiple delivery attempts and improves staff productivity
  • Gives companies a more efficient way of dealing with the increase in personal items being delivered to work
  • Allows companies to better support employee’s life styles
  • Supports agile working and collection/ delivery outside of core mail room hours
  • Aesthetically pleasing, can be designed to suit any office environment

Get in touch to find our more about this technology and how we can help you improve your mail service. Interested in what other improvements we could offer your mail service? Take a look at our Managed Post Rooms services and our Digital Mail Tray technology.