Managed Print Services for a leading Law Firm – Case Study

Managed Print Service for a Leading Law Firm


In January 2016, M2 MDS began a five year contract to deliver Managed Print Services for a leading Law Firm. Initially worth 4 million over the contract term, the contract scope has been extended to include production of high-end marketing and communications materials, print management and archive scanning.

M2 MDS won this contract at competitive tender against numerous bidders, including FTSE250 companies, by demonstrating our ability to support the firm in improving the performance of the central reprographics service and implementing e-bible production and paper-lite operations.

Nine full-time reprographics operators were TUPE transferred to M2 MDS, and M2 MDS provided a highly skilled and experienced reprographics service manager to help train and invest in this team. E-bible production was introduced on-site to enable the firm to fully exploit paperless disclosure methods as a viable alternative to paper document production.


The firm was outsourcing nearly 50% of all reprographic requests at a considerable cost. Although document production facilities existed on-site, a lack of expertise meant that they were not being fully utilised. E-bible production was also slow and costly, with everything sent off-site because the capabilities did not exist inhouse.

The Managed Print Services for a leading Law Firm needed to adapt to meet their changing work profile. The place of traditional reprographic and photocopying work is becoming more obsolete. Reprographic jobs have increased in complexity and the firm lacked the knowledge and technical expertise to fully embrace the power of digital workflow technologies. Therefore, processes still remained equally as labour intensive as traditional methods and reprographic tasks remained burdensome.

The print room was operating at a significant cost. The combined cost of staff salaries, personnel management, equipment, and technology and premium office space was accumulating to a large capital expenditure. With fixed fee structures increasing, print was becoming a significant overhead.


M2 MDS developed their Managed Print Services for a leading Law Firm based on three key points:

  • Reducing overall spend by better utilisation of the on-site team and assets
  • Providing a more responsive service through improved management and utilisation
  • Working with a partner who can support the law firm transitioning to a more digital, less paper future

Where previously large amounts of work was outsourced to be completed off-site, M2 MDS redesigned the print room so that most of the firms needs could be satisfied on-site. With all enquiries responded to within one hour, the law firm has been provided with a high responsive and dedicated task force.

M2 MDS are introducing smarter digital working methods to the law firm to reduce paper waste and provide more Intelligent Document Control Solutions. M2 MDS are providing the law firm with a user friendly e-disclosure service that is more cost and time efficient than their previous outsourcing partners. By implementing this facility on-site, M2 MDS are also helping to encourage less paper waste within the company, helping to support the client in the achievement of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

M2 MDS has also invested over £200k in new production print technology. This technology included advanced high-speed booklet making, perfect binding and matt laminating/clear toner to support the firm in producing marketing materials and pitch documents on-site. This investment meant that jobs were produced substantially faster and at considerably better value, relieving pressure from the marketing and bid departments on deadlines.


By improving the Managed Print Services for a leading law firm, the client has received numerous benefits that include:

  • Within three months of mobilization all outsourcing had near-ceased, with only one or two jobs a month being sent to Anexsys per month.
  • Jobs production speeds and turnaround times have increased considerably, with e-bibles produced in minutes instead of days,
  • All e-bibles fulfilled in-house
  • Information security has increased with all work produced in house or off-site by vetted staff.
  • Staff productivity has increased considerably (effectively a 100% increase in work produced in-house to deadline) and the team have recognised new career development opportunities within M2 MDS
  • Litigation costs are now more in line with the Jackson reforms, the cost of printing can be assessed on a granular level and has been significantly reduced.
  • The introduction of digital working methods has allowed for a faster review of information with less time wasted reading non-permanent information, this has also lead to a significant increase in productivity.
  • The adoption of digital document management has also allowed the firm to adhere to Practice Direction 31b, ensuring that electronic documents are disclosed in the correct manner.
  • The new digital working practices have helped the law firm to meet their CSR targets, with reduced paper usage moving forward.
  • Greater visibility of electronic/paper document methodology for litigation management, which resulted in an increased usage of intelligent document control solutions.
  • M2 MDS have saved them £400k within the first year of the contract.

Client Testimonial

‘M2 MDS have transformed our document workflow. By introducing their expertise and driving efficiency in our printing facilities, we now receive a far better service. Their ability to innovate and provide a reliable service has led us to broaden our contract with M2 MDS.’

Business Services Operations Manager