Managed Print Services for Architects – Case Study

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A leading North West based architectural firm needed an experienced managed print services company to take over their in-house printing. Their main aim was to improve the on-site printing capabilities of the practice; they had identified there was a need for significant investment in both technology and the expertise to oversee it. M2 MDS has many years of experience in providing Managed Print Services for Architects, so work began.

The practice recognised that its staff were becoming overly burdened with small and large format printing and finishing, and by outsourcing this function to a professional service provider, it was hoped that the architects could refocus their attention on their core roles.

The development of the M2 MDS managed print room at the firms Manchester office in 2005, introduced professional reprographic services in house, providing staff with immediate access to a broad spectrum of printing and finishing options. This was particularly relevant to business development activity, enabling the practice to produce ‘stand-out’ documents at each stage of the bidding process, whilst keeping costs low by reducing the dependence on high street print providers.

Ten years on, and the practice was looking towards M2 MDS to further enhance its managed print service, reflecting the changing requirements of the teams across all eight UK offices.

Solution – Managed Print Services for Architects

After undertaking an audit of the architect’s service requirements and the existing service provided by M2 MDS, a plan was implemented to cover the following enhancements to the managed print service:

  • The introduction of new printing and scanning equipment designed to produce high quality vibrant colour documents across all offices.
  • The existing fleet of copiers/printers (MFDs) and plotters was reduced from 33 devices to 19, lowering the device footprint across all offices.
  • The M2 MDS staff member would take on a greater responsibility in the overall operation of the contract, being the point of contact for service escalations, paper and consumable distribution and the compilation of detailed management information on a quarterly basis.
  • A more transparent pricing model was implemented which included the provision of paper and consumables within small and large format ‘click’.
  • Through regular client engagement M2 MDS will ensure that the architects ever changing print requirements are met over the next five years of the contract. Being both a user and supplier of 2D and 3D print technologies, we will continue to introduce proven systems to support the practice and communicate its innovative design concepts on page, on screen or as a 3D model.



“Having partnered with M2 MDS for over 11 years, they continue to provide invaluable support for our business. With each contract renewal, equipment has been refreshed and the service capability broadened to accommodate our key requirement to produce high quality small and large format documents in-house. The dedicated M2 MDS Service Delivery Manager located within our Manchester office, has always provided a completely professional service, fully understanding the way we work, and has become a truly valued member of the team.”- Darren Taylor, Finance and Operations Manager, North West based Architectural firm.

By working closely with M2 MDS, the architectural firm has benefited from a Managed Print Service that is continually evolving to meet their needs. The proactive service delivery is based on continuous dialogue from being positioned inside of the practice.

Some of the most significant benefits that the Managed Print Services for Architects have gained include:

  • Architects now have more time to focus on projects, and not on printing requirements and therefore productivity is increased.
  • The client’s staff have access to the latest printing technology, with the practice paying for the service on a monthly basis based on usage, removing the need to raise the capital investment.
  • Printing issues are solved efficiently by our expert on-site staff, reducing delays in document output and consistently ensuring document quality.
  • Off-site support is provided to the architects branches from a dedicated nationwide branch network, offering unique contingency benefits to the architects.