On-site Architectural printing for leading London Architects

on-site Architectural printing

M2 MDS have been providing on-site Architectural printing support to a leading London based architects since 2012. The initial contract was solely for the provision of print room staff, however, subsequent to a contract renewal, M2 MDS now manage all aspects of the on-site reprographics facility. Our place within the architects has allowed us to develop a unique knowledge of the firm’s reprographics needs, enabling us to provide the most relevant and client centric service that our sector is able to offer.

M2 MDS are proud to partner with the firm and we work to ensure that we provide an evolving service that meets the architects changing document requirements. Our ability to instil confidence in our clients is demonstrated in the firm’s decision to extend their relationship with M2 MDS. We have become a trusted partner for their needs and we consistently attempt to mirror their professional culture within our own.


M2 MDS have been providing the architects with print room staff since 2012 and in 2015 M2 MDS approached the architectural firm with a proposal to manage all aspects of the reprographics service, including the equipment personnel, consumables, support and paper.

By working in partnership with the firm for a number of years M2 MDS were able to identify areas in which we believed the facility could be improved. M2 MDS offered the architects the opportunity to upgrade services to achieve a higher output quality. The client recognised that in expanding their partnership with M2 MDS they could significantly reduce the management burden of their reprographics facility and they would receive a high quality service at every level.

In order to improve the reprographics facilities on-site M2 MDS identified the need for the introduction of new equipment, staff with a wider breadth of expertise and an expansion of on-site facilities. Due to the age and limited range of equipment on-site, large quantities of work were being outsourced, an unnecessary cost for the company that M2 MDS sought to save. Through consultations with the client, M2 MDS identified multiple areas of the service offering in need off improvement.

Solution – on-site Architectural printing.

M2 MDS took a detailed analysis of current print volumes and developed a service delivery plan that included:

  • The Provision of a fully outsourced service with new Xerox small format and large format office equipment
  • Equitrac ‘follow me’ printing and accounting on all devices, enabling tracking of print production on all assets
  • A new PUR glue perfect binder able to produce increased quality and higher durability book products
  • The introduction of a more highly skilled reprographics operator, capable of high-end book making and reprographics work. The print room technician would also support the upkeep of the floor copiers and systems, providing first-line support in the event of equipment jams/failures and ensuring all equipment is stocked and operational.
  • Oversize bespoke book making, fold-out page making.


The architectural firm have experiences significant benefits from the new roll out of the on-site Architectural printing solution, which include:

  • The new service model is more economically efficient and will allow the architects to reallocate considerable funds from their reprographics department to other areas of the business that can proactively help the business expand and develop. M2 MDS are also able to procure the same print room stationery at 40% better value for the architects
  • The print room has experienced a complete equipment refresh, with all capital expenditure undertaken by M2 MDS and not the client. This has removed the financial and lease management burden from the client
  • A transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing structure that enables the company to evaluate the value for money they are being given. The Equitrac software enables the practice to track, audit, recover and report on printing costs
  • A reduced supply chain management due to a reduction of suppliers to just one. As the sole supplier M2 MDS have taken all of the challenges of print room management including equipment failure, personnel management and consumables management.
  • Furthermore, this has simplified the support for breakdowns through a single point of contact
  • The new equipment has brought improved time efficiency and reliability to the print room.  This equipment refresh has also improved the quality and stability of printed output, with greater colour consistency across all documents. The improved quality of documents has enhanced the presentation standards of the firm, aiding them in the production of standout bid documents
  • The On-Site technician has increased capabilities and creative skills to support innovation and a reduced need for and cost of external printing
  • Higher durability book-binding with PUR glue, again helping to create superior standard documents.

‘M2 MDS have substantially increased our on-site capabilities, they work closely with us to understand our ideas and philosophies and bring them to life. They offer us a high quality and flexible service that is essential to the support of our business development. They are a trusted and reliable extension of our team’  Bonnie Britten, Facilities Manager at a leading London-based Architects