Managed Post Room Service for Financial Sector – Case Study

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In August 2014 as part of its expansion strategy, a large credit card company completed an acquisition of a competitor business and needed to create a fitting Post Room Service for Financial Sector. The acquired company needed to rapidly transition towards an operating platform that was more economical and more customer focused. Through a working partnership with a leading Total Facilities Management company, M2 MDS were engaged to manage the service and bring it up to the necessary standards.

Solution – Post Room Service for Financial Sector

The initial step for M2 MDS was to undertake a due diligence of the current Post Room Service for Financial Sector. This involved a review covering current in-bound and out-bound volumes, workflow processes and headcount. From this investigation M2 MDS developed an implementation plan for the Managed Post Room processing all in-bound and out-bound post on a daily basis.

The implementation plan involved the introduction of four Full Time Equivalents (FTE) who were given training upon their initial induction and in refresher courses throughout the contract. The new staff were trained by M2 MDS to engage with the culture of M2 MDS and the culture of the client, this ensured that a secure and positive professional relationship was maintained between the two companies. The four FTEs are supported by staff members from the wider M2 MDS team in times of peak workflow and disaster recovery. This ensures that the Post Room is at no point overwhelmed by increased workflow or by staff sickness or infrastructure failures.

M2 MDS equipped the Post Room Service for Financial Sector with high quality mailing equipment. This equipment included insertion devices and frank­ing machines, used to improve the workflow efficiency of the team. These devices speed up the processes within the post room, allow for cost savings and give the outbound post a professional, high quality appearance. All of the company’s postal requirements are managed with increased operational efficiency through their partnership with M2 MDS.

With the help and guidance provided by M2 MDS, the credit card company has also experienced transitions towards the use of a Digital Mail System. Whilst some mail still continues to be opened and delivered to the relevant departments by traditional methods, a percentage of this white mail is now scanned and uploaded using advanced Digital Mail Room equipment and software. Following the move towards digital, the M2 MDS team at the company have also introduced a scan to workflow system to support the off-shore India back-office team.


  • A rapid implementation process that matched the speed of the company’s acquisition.
  • Greater operational flexibility to deal with mailings and workflow peaks.
  • The introduction of advanced Digital Mail technologies.
  • The client was able to refocus on their core activities because implementation and on-going operational management requirements were removed from their responsibility.