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M2 Managed Document Services (M2 MDS) are experts in fully outsourced Document Management Services. Amongst our customers in the UK, M2 MDS has a reputation of reliability, innovation and success in the implementation of Integrated Document Solutions. The existing customers of the company include world-class international architects, engineers, legal organisations and government bodies.

We understand the necessity of providing acustomer centric-service, which always meets your needs. We are constantly evolving the service we provide and ensure that we offer a range of services that can satisfy all of your document requirements. As a market facing company, our service provision changes regularly to reflect what the market has to offer.

M2 MDS make considerable investment not only in the latest technology but also in our people.  The use of leading market equipment is selected to produce the best quality results with the most efficient and flexible Document Management Service possible. M2 MDS employees also receive extensive training and a brilliant career path within the Group, making them experts in all areas of Document Management. As a company we value and protect the diversity of our staff and as a result our employees are highly responsive, knowledgeable and customer focussed.

M2 MDS are the partner of choice in providing Integrated Document Solutions. We are able to deliver an extensive range of services on-site, off-site or offshore to enhance your customer retention, reduce operating costs, minimise risk and improve control measures. We work hard to ensure that a customer centric-service is always made available to your evolving document needs.

We are proud to hold the following credentials:

  • We have nearly 20 years of document production and outsourcing experience
  • We are an end to end solution provider for all Document Management Services, able to offer you expert advise you at every stage of the document management process and able to satisfy all of your document requirements
  • We are proud to be vendor independent for all equipment, technology and products, therefore we are able to provide unbiased advice to our customers, based on investments that are most suited to their needs and not to our financial ties.
  • We have a flexible operating platform, which can be adapted to meet our clients’ demands
  • We are proud to provide our customers with an evolving service that constantly aims to innovate
  • We have an extensive TUPE knowledge built up over the last two¬†decades
  • We have a national network of 22 off-site service centres with international partners
  • We are ISO 27001 accredited at all of our UK locations