Operational Excellence

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The M2 MDS approach to the management of accounts is very customer centric.  Involving a number of different facets, our SRM (Service Review Management) approach involves two key factors: a nominated Account Manager; and a defined Service Review structure.

Account Manager

To act as the main point of contact between the customer and M2 MDS, an Account Manager is assigned to all contracts.  This role is responsible for dealing with any general questions or queries, service escalation, and the development of the operation throughout the contract duration.

Service Review Meetings

M2 MDS also look to establish a defined service review structure with all new contracts.  Typically this involves monthly service review meetings and an annual executive overview meeting.  The agenda for these meetings would involve operational and financial overviews, updates on projects, and performance to SLAs.

These meetings would also provide the opportunity to discuss and agree how the service will develop in the future – this will include the on-going investment programme which M2 MDS would deliver to the operation.

As part of the SRM programme, and in conjunction with the financial reporting requirements, monthly management information reports would also be produced.  These would detail all of the financial and operational metrics, plus track SLA performance.