Our People and Values

Find out about our wonderful employees and our core company values...

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At M2 MDS we consider our people and our values in everything that we do. Both elements are at the core of our business operations and at our approach to service delivery. As an ethical printer, we are motivated to uphold our corporate social responsibilities and are dedicated to providing our staff with a positive working area and good career opportunities. We are a diverse and inclusive organisation, which invests in our people and we are constantly striving to develop new ways to protect and celebrate the diversity of our staff.

M2 MDS are investors in people, we are a meritocratic organisation that inspires our staff to pursue their professional ambitions whilst within the company. It is for this reason that our management structure is made up of a diverse range of people whom have worked at multiple levels within the group.

At M2 MDS we believe that it is the multiplicity of our staff that helps to place us so competitively in the market place. The ever expanding culture of M2 MDS means fresh new ideas and thought processes are providing us with increasingly advanced and sophisticated practises. As a company we invest in our people and this results in our employees being highly responsive, knowledgeable and customer focussed.

By implementing our services within the customer environment we understand the importance of adopting your corporate social responsibilities within our own.  As an ethical printer we will always seek to develop new solutions that will allow you to more easily achieve your corporate social responsibilities.

The M2 MDS Core Values

  • We work in partnership with our clients to ensure we exceed their expectations
  • We act with integrity to develop relationships underpinned by trust and respect
  • We provide an inclusive environment for all employees to contribute as a team
  • We encourage new ways of working to drive innovation and this is rewarded by our meritocratic employment system
  • We encourage two-way communication to ensure we are always learning