Creative Design Services

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M2 MDS are experienced in providing on-site Creative Design Services to help support you in the design and formatting of documents to be printed or distributed digitally. A number of our on-site operations include a graphic designer that often acts as an important extension of the Marketing and Communications team. TheM2 MDS Graphic Designer will become the guardian for your company brand, ensuring that all literature leaving the organisation is in the correct format, including font, colour etc. As part of this design management, they will also oversee the hosting of Marketing and Communication literature, ensuring it is correctly filed and hosted within the database.

Creative Design Services in the print room

By combining our print and design expertise we are able to provide you with printed and digital documents of the highest quality. The benefits to the client in aligning the Creative Design Services with the print room is that M2 MDS have full responsibility of the document, from concept design to the production. This ensures that the company brand is protected and enhanced at every stage.

Communication between both parties is also fluid given M2 MDS are situated within the client premises, making face to face meetings easy to facilitate. By working closely with you, the designer is able to experience your business aims and develop a passion to deliver creative products that add value and impact to your business. Finally, the cost of design management on-site is at often 50% lower in cost than using external agencies.

Key benefits and features of Creative Design Services:

  • M2 MDS remove the design management burden and are able to create documents that communicate the company brand and message with clarity and impact
  • We ensure that all designs are consistent with the corporate guidelines and maintain a consistent and high quality image for the company
  • M2 MDS are able to offer you a full and complete range of Creative Design services, equal to the capabilities of any external agencies but for a considerably lower cost
  • By working within your business environment we are able to offer a unique commitment to service that is responsive and collaborative


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