Managed Print Rooms

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M2 MDS are able to offer a wide variety of Print Management Solutions and Managed Print Rooms.  We are experienced in the implementation of expertly managed design, print and scanning services. This experience means we are able to provide you with flexible and innovative solutions both on-site and off-site, designed to suit your document output and professional culture. We are also able to improve space, time and staffing efficiencies, which will allow you to refocus your attention upon core business activities, confident in the knowledge that your back office functions are being handled with care and expertise.

Managed Print Rooms

A M2 MDS Managed Print Room is designed to ensure that all services available perfectly meet your document needs. An audit is taken of the current and historical print volumes to assess what equipment is most suited to your workloads.  Our expert print room management team is able to evaluate this information and create a tailored solution to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance production quality. By working closely alongside your team we are able to develop our knowledge of your business and identify innovative Print Management Solutions. The result is a professional Managed Print Room with the capacity to deal will all document requirements in your location.

Scanning Services

Within our Managed Print Rooms, M2 MDS are able to provide expertly run scanning services that can digitise sensitive documents and records without the need to send them off site. We are able to provide smarter digital working methods, which reduce print volumes and improve file accessibility. The upstream costs of filing are removed and document management can become more economically efficient. We are also able to leverage our off-site expertise to provide services to match all scanning requirements from large volume archiving to specialist litigation support.

Key features and benefits of Managed Print Rooms

  • Improve service through a single point of contact for all print requirements
  • Removes the burden of printing from your staff, generating more fee earner time
  • Improves the quality and production times for documentation, which helps you to produce documents that make you stand out from your market competitors
  • Reduced costs with no capital expenditure, allowing you to reallocate funds elsewhere in the business
  • Provision of fully trained and vetted staff


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